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Smile Happy Company Limited


Smile Happy Co. Ltd. is the leading exporter of honey in Myanmar, proudly achieving a historic milestone as the first honey factory in the country to earn the FSSC 22000 certification in May 2024. This prestigious certification underscores our commitment to food safety and quality, cementing our status as a trusted name in the industry.

Founded in 2000 as an agricultural exporter, we began our honey export journey in 2007. By 2019, we had exported 1,000 tons of honey, accounting for over 35% of Myanmar's honey exports. Our dedication to excellence is further evidenced by our HACCP certification, a testament to our rigorous quality control standards.

Our accolades include the 2009 FAO award for highest honey exporter in Myanmar and a gold medal at the 46th Apimondia World Beekeeping Awards in Montreal, Canada, in 2019. These honors reflect our unwavering commitment to producing superior honey.

Collaborating with over 100 beekeepers and managing 20,000 beehives, we offer a diverse range of honey products. Our bulk honey, tailored for industrial use, is meticulously homogenized for consistent color and water content. Meanwhile, our premium bottled honey includes both high-quality multifloral varieties and unique-tasting monofloral options like sunflower, lychee, and jujube honey.

With over 17 years of experience in the honey business, Smile Happy Co. Ltd. continues to lead Myanmar's honey industry, delivering exceptional quality and flavor to markets worldwide.

We can guarantee our honey is 100% pure. We keep traceability records of our whole supply chain from the beekeeping field, beekeepers, storage zones, and delivering trucks of the final product. Our packaging materials are also hygienic and clean, providing the best quality to all our customers.


Initially, we started with five beekeepers in 2007 but now we have partnered with over 100 beekeepers with 20,000 beehives. Our 2025 production goal is 1,600 tons.


We started exporting bulk honey to Japan in 2007. Now we export to Japan, Thailand, China, the Middle East, Canada, and the United States. From 2022, we are exploring potential markets in Europe as well.


Before 2019, we were exporting industrial grade bulk honey. But we wanted to sell our precious honey products from Myanmar under our own brand name. To enter local and international markets with a well-known, internationally recognized brand of quality and uniqueness.


We choose “I M Honey” to represent a special product but also a living organism. Imagine that each bottle is telling itself “I am Honey” to feel alive.


Trading focuses on trust, quality, reliability, and excellent customer services. Working with our values and beliefs, customers, stakeholders, employees, and businesses makes us feel safe, happy, and full of smiles. That’s why we chose our business name – Smile Happy Co. Ltd.

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In May 2024, Smile Happy Co. Ltd. proudly became the first honey factory in Myanmar to earn the prestigious FSSC 22000 certification, highlighting our dedication to food safety and quality. This achievement adds to our legacy of excellence, which includes winning the first prize gold medal for lighter color honey at the 46th Apimondia World Beekeeping Awards in Montreal, Canada, in 2019—a historic first for Myanmar.

Our commitment to quality was further reinforced in 2022 when we, with support from the International Trade Centre (ITC), secured HACCP certification for our honey factory. This certification underscores our rigorous standards and commitment to producing the finest honey.

When we began our journey, our beekeepers managed 50–100 hives per aviary. Today, thanks to our ongoing support and collaboration, our top beekeepers boast over 1,500 hives each, transforming their livelihoods and businesses. Smile Happy Co. Ltd. continues to lead Myanmar's honey industry, setting new benchmarks for quality and success.

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