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Sunflower Honey

Sunflower Honey

Cultivated amidst the early monsoon and blooming during the cool season in Myanmar, the sunflowers serve as the source of our award-winning sunflower honey. This unique honey captures the essence of sunflowers' nectar, transformed by the industrious Apis Mellifera honey bees and their enzymes.



Collected exclusively from the Kalay Region, Sagaing State in February and March, our sunflower honey showcases a bright golden colour that entices the senses. Its fresh, fruity, and floral flavour creates a delightful taste experience, perfect for culinary adventures or enjoying it straight from the jar.


Beyond its exquisite taste, our sunflower honey offers numerous health benefits. From treating respiratory tract infections to aiding the digestive system and promoting skin health, it is a natural powerhouse of wellness. With a four-star sweetness rating and a smooth, medium-thickness consistency, our sunflower honey is a true culinary treasure. Trust in the quality and prestige of our Apimondia Gold Medal Award-Winning honey, ensuring an exceptional and unparalleled taste experience.


Unlock the vibrant flavours and health benefits of our premium sunflower honey. Discover the perfect harmony of nature's wonders and elevate your well-being with Smile Happy.

Our sunflower honey is available from December to February.

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