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Our Facilities

Smile Happy Honey Factory

Processing Our Honey

The Smile Happy Honey Factory is 30 mins from downtown Yangon, close to the Mingalardon commercial zone. The factory is built on 0.5 ha with a facility area of 1,800m².


We provide good ventilation and ensure hygienic and clean processes and safe workplaces. We have hostels for employees, a dining room, laboratory, raw storage area, processing and sterilization room, product storage zone, office, showroom, and car park. We have 200 tons storage capacity for raw honey and 240 tons for finished products.

Our laboratory does quality control checks using international food safety standards. We established a CODEX GMP System in 2013 and use food safety grade quality packaging material. We have been assessed by GCL International for production and exporting of purified honey and got our HACCP certificate in 2022.


Our factory has eight permanent employees (four women) with 5-6 daily workers (two women). As a HACCP certified factory, we strictly follow clean and hygienic guidelines.


We collect honey from beekeepers around Myanmar and process it at our HACCP certified factory.

Processing includes pouring of honey into tanks, filtering and skimming extraneous bee parts, heating and dehumidification, and drum and bottle filling under HACCP guidelines.

Name: Smile Happy Honey Factory

Processing capacity: 10 tons/8-hour shift

Equipment: Filtering Machine SS 304 (high quality steel grade used for food processing), Size 4 mm/100 mesh, vacuum dehumidifier, storage tank, transfer pipelines and packaging machines

Certifications: USFDA for FDA facility (2021), HALAL, HACCP, FSSC 22000

Packaging: Premium quality, food-grade from INTERTEK laboratory

Warehouse: 200 tons storage capacity for raw honey and 240 tons for finished products

Smile Happy Honey Factory

Processing Bottled Honey

We collect ripened honey from hives with less than 20% water inclusion.

Multifloral honey 500g and 210g

  • Various floral sources dependent on seasonal availability

  • Supports gastrointestinal tract, weight control and skin health

  • Aromatic, light amber colour, sweet, fruity flavour

Jujube honey 250g

  • Jujube trees flourish in the central dry zone of Myanmar in temperatures of 42°C

  • Bright red colour with a lively taste, and caramel, fruity notes

  • Cooling and detox properties can reduce stress and anxiety, and aid metabolism and digestive health.

Sunflower honey 250g

  • Sunflowers start growing early monsoon season and bloom January and February

  • Bright golden colour with a fresh, fruity, and floral flavour

  • Beneficial for respiratory tract infections, digestive system, and skin health.

Lychee honey 250g

  • Limited amount of nectar produces a unique flavour

  • Light golden colour with a woody and herbal aroma

  • Supports the digestive system, reduces body heat and fatigue, and enhances detoxification.

Monofloral collection 1 (Sagaing)

  • Sunflower honey 70g

  • Jujube honey 70g

  • Lychee honey 70g

  • I M Honey dipper

The special monofloral collection showcases the unique tastes, flavours, and aromas of Sagaing region varieties.


Product Lines And Volume 2021

  • 300kg bulk honey for commercial export

  • Bottled honey –

- 20 bottles of 210g of Multifloral honey

- 20 bottles of 500g of Multifloral honey

- 20 bottles of 250g Sunflower honey

- 20 bottles of 250g Jujube honey

- 20 bottles of 250g Lychee honey

- 15 boxes of Monofloral Collection each containing 3 x       70g of sunflower, jujube, lychee honey

  • 1,000 tons of honey produced/processed


Bottled honey: U.S. Grade A for all our products including monofloral honey (sunflower, jujube, lychee) and ripened multifloral honey.


Industrial/bulk honey: U.S. Grade B as we homogenize from various sources for desired colour and water content.

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