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Jujube Honey

Jujube Honey

Immerse yourself in the unique essence of our exquisite jujube honey, sourced from the thriving jujube trees in the arid landscapes of Myanmar's central dry zone. 



Flourishing in temperatures reaching up to 42°C, these remarkable trees bloom at the end of the monsoon season, creating a captivating spectacle in September. Collected exclusively from the Monywa Region, Sagaing State during September and October, our jujube honey showcases a light red hue that delights the senses. 


Indulge in its lively taste, boasting caramel and fruity notes that awaken the palate with every drop.


Beyond its exceptional flavour, our jujube honey possesses remarkable health benefits. Known for its cooling properties, it aids in reducing stress and anxiety, while also offering detoxifying properties. Additionally, it supports a healthy metabolism and digestive system, promoting overall well-being. 


With a sweetness rating of three stars and a smooth, medium-thickness consistency, our jujube honey promises a delightful culinary experience. Elevate your dishes, and beverages, or enjoy it simply as a sweet indulgence.


Experience the natural wonders of Myanmar's jujube trees through our premium jujube honey. Discover the perfect harmony of taste and health benefits, and let Smile Happy be your gateway to this remarkable gift from nature.

Our jujube honey is available from September to November.

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