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Multifloral Honey in Bulk

Multifloral Honey in Bulk

Discover the essence of pure authenticity with our premium Myanmar bulk multifloral honey, specially crafted for industrial applications. Harvested from trusted beekeepers and sourced from the finest floral regions, our honey guarantees fully traceable origins, setting a new standard for quality and transparency in the industry.



At our state-of-the-art honey processing factory, we adhere to HACCP international standards, ensuring every drop of honey undergoes rigorous laboratory analysis. With water content meticulously controlled between 18% to 20%, and sucrose limited to a maximum of 5%, our honey promises unparalleled purity. 


Rich in natural goodness, our honey boasts a minimum of 60% inverted sugar (reducing sugar) and a minimum of 30% fructose of the total honey weight, exceeding 50% of the total sugar weight. Rest assured, our honey contains only a maximum of 5.0mg HMF per 100g, showcasing our dedication to delivering excellence.


Free from antibiotics and pesticides, our honey is packaged in durable 300kg new steel drums, ensuring its pristine condition during transport and storage. For tailored solutions, we offer customer-specific packaging upon request. With a minimum order quantity of 20MT, seize this opportunity to elevate your products with our superior industrial-grade honey.


Experience the true taste of nature's gift - choose our bulk multifloral honey from Myanmar for your every need.

Our multifloral honey is available from September to May.

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